2012-01-01 - sir_herrbatka

Welcome in the year 2012. Zini already wrote the summary of openmw status after 2011.

Well, 0.12.0 is quite close now. Jhooks1 is probably amazing himself (not me, I’m already confident about him) with his developing skills. To quote zini:

I am away for just a couple of days and suddenly tons of stuff happens.

Improvement is really significant and a large step in the right direction. It seems that some other problems left are related to drivers and libbullet so suffering level (this sounds so cool) depends on the version of driver/lib.

And there is almost nothing we can do with it besides reporting bugs. K1ll reports that actually it WORKS since the bullet bug seems to be a fixed in the last svn revision. And that nasty bug could cause quite massive fps drops.

GUS works on journal. It works but still needs some love, quoting GUS:

Text is not properly aligned to the book and the book is not properly aligned/scaled on the screen.

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