image ©Maxim Nikolaev
Weekly news 2011-08-21 - sir_herrbatka


If the theme on the main page is not changed yet, but should be soon. Personally I love new look. Raevol is the person behind this brand new skin, and once they’re done, the forum is the next item on the todo-list!

Besides bling-blinkg let’s start with jhooks. He was very happy to inform us that the creature animation crashing bug (or even two) is gone! It took time to get rid of it but it’s significant improvement on stability area.

MWrender refactoring is moving slowly forward: Zini and swick are fighting in another antibug crusade and I’m not the person to ask how much time it may take, but let’s hope that no more than week or two.

Inventory is also progressing ? it’s still much to do but I’m not worry about it.

Lgro (besides administrating our webpage) took another coding task. But what the heck their are talking about? Records saving – I just can’t follow this discussion, but if you can why won’t you join openmw project as a developer?

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