Base-building 2015-04-17 - Okulo

As the feature list is getting shorter and shorter, our development team’s attention has been shifting towards issues that are a lot bigger than things like NPCs not doing what they are supposed to do.

Scrawl, for example, is slaving away at porting the project from Ogre3D to OpenSceneGraph, a relatively unknown but immensely flexible and expansive 3d engine which will not only allow OpenMW to run smoother than before, but also allows for better handling of materials and stitching the bodyparts of NPCs together (which is not nearly as gruesome as it sounds). Scrawl himself has told us about the what and why of OSG, and yes, I could tell you all that he is making good progress, but pictures speak louder than words.

It’s almost a throwback to version 0.13.0, but don’t worry; unlike the project way back when in 2012, much of the program is already in place right now, so we promise it won’t take three years to catch up. I mean, just between the time that I started writing this update and the time this got posted Scrawl got NPCs to render. Things are progressing fast.

Meanwhile, OpenMW-CS has been developing nicely as well. Our very own modding suite has gotten two more features that you have to see if you are a modder.

A plenty large code submission by cc9ii, based on some hard work by sirherrbatka, will give you access to stuff that you didn’t have access to before. Take NPCs, for example. Their settings were previously accessible only through the main table, but there are some things that were not contained therein. Selecting Edit record from the right click menu would bring up some more stuff to change (such as if this NPC would buy certain items), but cc9ii’s contribution expands that even further. By editing the NPC, you can now put stuff in his inventory, check out the paths they take while walking through the world, and much more.

Zini has announced with the proper fanfare that Global Search is now working. When confronted with a huge list of stuff, trying to find that lovely lime-ware platter from the Census and Excise Office is like searching for a needle in a haystack. Previously, it was possible to filter using a specific syntax, but why make it difficult? With Global Search implemented, you can instantly find that one object with nary a thought. What’s more, this global search function will be extended with a replace function, so you don’t have to edit all those potions one by one.

Finally, a bit of community stuff as well. Sterling of the Old School RPG YouTube channel has started his Let’s Play of Morrowind through the OpenMW engine. If you want to see how LPs are done or are just curious about how OpenMW runs in practice, go ahead and watch the first video below. Don’t forget to check out his channel afterwards for more content.

That it’s for this update. The team is ever active, and we can’t wait to tell you more in our next update. See you next time.

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Fork me on GitHub 2015-04-17 - Okulo - No pingbacks so far.

Our beloved WeirdSexy has returned with a release video for versions 0.34 and 0.35. Check it out!

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2015-04-02 - raevol - No pingbacks so far.
OpenMW 0.35.1 Released! 2015-03-15 - raevol

The OpenMW team is proud to announce the release of version 0.35.1! Grab it from our Downloads Page for all operating systems. This maintenance release includes fixes for several crashes that users may be experiencing with the 0.35.0 version. Several features are also included in this release, such as corpse dressing and preliminary joystick support. Many bug fixes and improvements are also included, please see the full changelog below.

Known Issues:


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2015-03-15 - raevol - No pingbacks so far.
Patching up 2015-03-10 - Okulo

It’s been about a month since the release of 0.35.0 and we’ve gotten some news about crashes here and there. They have been fixed already, but situations like this beg for a patch. So that’s what the team is putting out. 0.35.1 won’t just contain crash fixes, though – we’ve still got a whole bunch of bugs fixed. Those will be included, of course.

What will also be included is a single feature: Controllers. Last year there was some work done on joystick support. It worked mostly, but not in a good enough state to warrant including it in OpenMW. Digmaster and scrawl have sufficiently advanced controller support now to make it into the next build. If you have a gamepad, why not give it a try? If your controller doesn’t work properly, the team would like to hear about it.

After 0.35.1 the team will continue working a per usual on 0.36.0, so stick around.

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2015-03-10 - Okulo - No pingbacks so far.
OpenMW 0.35.0 Released! 2015-02-16 - raevol

The OpenMW team is proud to announce the release of version 0.35.0! Grab it from our Downloads Page for all operating systems. This release includes over 100 bug fixes and improvements, and brings our “1.0” release much closer. Some notable features include the beginnings of an ess-Importer command line tool to import save games from vanilla Morrowind, proper handling of the Calm effect, and AI fast-forward functionality. Read the full changelog and bask in the glory of the huge amount of work that has gone into this release… Two more things: several OpenMW utilities have been renamed as of this release, including OpenCS being renamed to OpenMW-CS. And we would really appreciate any feedback on the launcher’s Data File selection UI. Enjoy!

Known Issues:


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